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About the ingredients:

Aloe Vera Gel - is used to heal and soothe damaged, dry skin.

Apricot Kernel - very rich and nourishing. Helpful for prematurely aged, sensitive, inflamed, delicate or dry dehydrated skin.

Avocado Oil - rich in vitamins A, B1, B1, D and E. Moisturizing for dry and dehydrated skin, eczema, improves elasticity.

Calendula/b> - is well known for its ability to heal broken skin and ease the pain of stings, sprains and wounds.

Carrot Seed Essential Oil - stimulates circulation, repairs and tones the skin, adds elasticity, reduces the formation of wrinkles and scars. It is also good for balancing oily and dry skin.

Castor - acts as a humectants attracting moisture to the skin. Helpful to dry, chapped skin & lips, conditions hair.

Chamomile - is known for its soothing properties and is used to heal irritated skin, abrasions, eczema, psoriasis and radiation burns.

Cocoa Butter - excellent skin softener.

Coconut Oil - a very good carrier oil for dry, itchy, sensitive skin and will not clog pores.

Emu Oil - in summary is encourages healing, stimulates skin, hair and nail growth, has a natural SPF, is a natural emollient and moisturizer, penetrates multiple layers of skin, is non-comedogenic, hypo-allergenic, prevents and diminishes scarring/stretch marks and more. Does not clog pores.

Evening Primrose Oil - used for dry skin, eczema; helps to prevent prematurely aged skin, healing of wounds and scars.

Geranium Essential Oil - is a good oil for skin problems such as eczema, psoriasis and shingles.

Glycerin - is a humectant that draws moisture to itself and therefore it is believed that glycerin helps the skin remain moisturized.

Grapeseed Oil - tightens and tones the skin and is rich in vitamins and minerals.

Honey - is used as an emollient and humectant. It is very healing and soothing.

Jojoba Oil - is highly penetrating and closely resembles our sebum. Excellent for nourishing skin, can help control acne and oily skin or scalp.

Lanolin - has the ability to attract moisture to the skin and allow it to be fully absorbed.

Lavender Essential Oil - relieves stress, heals burns and wounds, kills germs.

Lemon Essential Oil - is a strong germicidal, it is good for oily skin and hair.

Oatmeal - oatmeal helps restore the skins natural moisture.

Olive - attracts external moisture to the skin and still allows normal functions of the skin such as seating, shedding of dead skin and releasing sebum.

Palm - creates a nice hard bar.

Palm Kernel - creates a nice hard bar with lather.

Rosehip Oil - rich in vitamins and minerals, good for maturing skin or damaged skin where regeneration of new skin cells is needed.

Rosemary Essential Oil - it can help to control dandruff, oily scalp and skin, acne and is said to encourage hair growth.

Shea Butter - is ideal for dry or aging skin. It has the ability to moisturize and retain the elasticity of the skin. Protects the skin against the damaging effects of the sun while repairing cellular degeneration.

Soybean Oil - is a good source of Vitamin E.

Sunflower Oil - helps to moisturize, regenerate and condition the skin and is good for mature, sensitive and dry, damaged skin.

Sweet Almond Oil - is a great nutrient for softening and conditioning skin. Helps relieve itching, soreness, dryness and inflammation. It contains glycosides, vitamins and minerals.

Vitamin E - is an anti-oxidant, moisturizes the skin from within.

Wheat Germ Oil - rich in vitamins A, B, D and E. Is very nourishing to the skin and prevents moisture loss, soothes irritated, sunburned or burned skin.